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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  June 21, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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you're watching abc2 baltimore. now "good morning maryland" at nine. it is tuesday morning. not the prettiest morning. thanks for joining us i am megan prink especially. >> -- pringle. >> i am charley crowson. a full show and a lot of topics to discuss today. >> a lot. one of the things we will talk about is a lot of parents worry about how to raise their kids to be sensible when it comes to money. and there's somebody with a interesting perspective. a man who was homeless and grew up homeless with his mom and says that taught him a lot about money. we will hear from him and see what he learned. >> and grilling tips for you. some new studies have come out from the past 12 months suggesting possible carcinogens when we grill out. our friend from the cancer
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centers of america will be in this morning giving tips of how to avoid that and give outbest possible chance of -- you the best possible chance of keeping yourself safe. we have a guest dr. crawford from shepard pratt that will talk about our hot topic. >> it's an important shall iew. no secret that -- issue. no secret women feel the preb yushkevich-- pressure to lose weight but it's starting at an earlier age than you imagine. >> recent study finds some girls as young as 3 years old worry about their weight and obsess about being fat. so we asked andrea canning to fiend out why they might think this way. take a look. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw an overweight woman object the -- on the cover of a magazine? tough question? apparently thin is not just in. it's engrained in the minds of
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young girls. you think your tummy is too big? >> sometimes. >> reporter: you want to lose weight in your tummy. >> yeah. >> reporter: taylor is a healthy active 6-year-old pre-k student who lives outside houston. from all outward appearances she is a normal girl who likes to play princess. >> you going to the ball tonight in. >> yes. >> reporter: and has an outgoing easy personality but a year ago she came home from school and said something that shocked her mother tonya. >> we were at home and she says, i have a -- out of the blue said why is my testimoniy so fat. a girl in the bathroom at school asked me why i was fat. >> reporter: and the real sad fact is it is not true. >> hi taylor how are you? >> reporter: we went with her for a visit to the pediatrician. >> good job. let's see how tall you are. >> when we use her height and weight to calculate the body maximum it's normal.
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she is not at risk of being overweight and is not considered overweight. >> reporter: but at this age with young girls, perception can override reality. in fact, a recent study by the university of central florida found that almost half of 3 to 6-year-old girls who participated said they worried about being fat. >> why do you want to lose weight in. >> because i don't want to be like-- my teacher tells me that i have to run so i can be really not like this. >> reporter: tonya says they try not to focus on weight, but the messages she gets from her peers have an impact. recently at a birthday party a young boy called taylor fat girl. tonya confronted him and explained it was unkind to speak to people that way. >> i think that was a good way of showing her to handle something like that. i am sorry. >> reporter: what goes through
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a mind of a girl taylor's age? we gathered our exparties group of 5 to 8-year-old girls. why do you want to eat healthy? >> because we will get strong. >> you don't get fat. >> reporter: do you hear your moms talk about their weight? >> my mom says she needs to go to the gym because she thinks she is overweight. >> reporter: what do you think when you hear that? >> i don't think it's true. >> my teacher is on a diet. >> yeah>> reporter: how do you know. >> because she told us and she doesn't want to eat cake so we ask if she is over her diet but she says not yet. >> reporter: why do you want to eat healthy? >> not to get fat. >> so we don't get heavy so my dad can carry me. >> when you eat more and your tummy is full you are going pop. >> reporter: you going to pop?
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>> reporter: we tried an unscientific experiment showing the girls photographs to get their reaction. so first picture is a little girl who we met in texas and she thinks she needs to lose weight. do you all think she needs to lose weight? >> no. >> reporter: you think she looks good. >> yeah. >> reporter: when we showed other foe tom of random girls their age the reactions were not nearly as kind. what do you think about this girl? >> oh she has to lose weight. >> yeah she needs to lose weight. yeah. >> reporter: you think someone like her might be teaseed at school? >> kind of. sometimes. >> reporter: four girls here do anyone of the girls stick out? >> wait. >> reporter: which one. >> the one in the glue blew. >> reporter: why? >> her tummy. >> her tummy is like this. >> reporter: her tummy? >> yeah the girl in the blue
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shirt is really chubby wubby. >> reporter: chubby wubby in. >> yes. >> reporter: a moment of laughter and light hearted fun or a group of little girls but are there larger and potentially more harmful why am playcations. >> with taylor worrying a young age about her body, are you worried that this will develop into a eating disorder. >> i feel if we deal with the issues head on, i am hoping it won't. >> hard to believe at 6 a child would be worried about it. but that's today's hot topic. on the wmar facebook fan page we asked is it an issue children should be worried about at such a young age. a lot of you are weighing in. >> deana says i blame society. this day in age it seems everyone is judged by appearance including kids and infants and we wonder why the juvenile suicide rate is so
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high. >> liz says that children shu not worry about things like that -- should not worry about things like that their parents should keep them healthy. we will talk about this all morning long. so if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share the comments throughout the morning's show. and, of course, we will keep this discussion going this morning. the word fat losing weight bad words to use around your kids. we want to know so we will bring in an expert this morning. >> he will be here in a few moments talking about it. amazing to think about this. when i was 6 i was chasing frogs and want to play baseball. that's all i thought about. >> i think are -- especially girls, and maybe we will have to ask our guest today. >> yeah. >> maybe boys are worrying about it. but little girls definitely think about it at an age that seems shockingly young. >> and as we-- and as you continue through this and think about the stories, you know, how much of societal pressures are placed on it. >> all right.
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stay with us this morning. we will talk about that. and also ahead this morning, kiddy pools. we brought it up yesterday. shallow? yes. but it's hard to believe they are dangerous. the experts saying they pose a danger. researchers say not the kids causing tragedies to happen. why the blame is being put on parents. >> and you don't have to play the lottery to hit the jackpot. how to turn your clutter into cash. we will show you how but first a look at the tuesday forecast and say good morning to justin berk. >> good morning. 9: 08. i am just the messenger. >> bring it. >> i get to say hey summer begins today. good thing. but the other stuff you may not want to see. we had a morning thunderstorm early and yes a band of rain moving in around 7:00 and getting out of here. warm and humid as summer comes in at 1:16. that's the official solstice and we set our sights for some of you who paid a lot of money to go to the youtube concert where there could be storms.
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no, -- u2 concert where there could be storms. rain here megan thinks i am laughing at you going because we are not going to be there. we are looking at showers passing on through the beltway southeast on to the eastern shore right now. annapolis got a clip with light rain and may get to southern extent of the band coming through during the course of the hour. otherwise behind that, there's some breaks in the clouds and some clearing behind. and we should get into some sunshine today. this is a warm front and the warm front still active popping up showers and storms in ohio. and so a very active environment. a peek at what we are looking at future radar high lathing this afternoon and evening a better threat of rain up towards the north. but it will be much more active going into tomorrow. we will talk about what that weather might be for some you going to the concert later on so today we are aiming for 88 and break artwo in the clouds with-- break or two in the cloud with late day storms. stay tuned for more "good morning maryland" in a moment. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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or for other great fios offers, visit us online. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. a topic -- facebook fan page we asked you is this issue that children worrying about weight being done at too young of an age? if you wonder about the story, read it on the wmar facebook fan page or watch the story online. a lot of you are weighing in. it has to do with a piece we
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ran. allison writes in saying with childhood obesity, we have to be concerned. a doctor should make that determination and paula says no, she is way too young to think that way. someone has to be telling her that she is. how sad she need to eat and be healthy. this just breaks my heart. my prayers are with her. and again this is in response to a 6-year-old interviewed in the piece who is worried about her weight. if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic we want to know what you think. tell us and head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share more of those comments throughout the morning's show. of course this is an issue a lot of you are talking about and we wanted to know what the experts have to say. dr. steven crawford associate medical director for the center for eating disorders joins thus morning. it's a pleasure to have you in thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> you watch the story. what did you think? >> i think that certainly children are worrying about this at younger and younger
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ages and it's unfortunate that there's such a focus on weight that it is scaring kids and scaring parents. and it's raising their airchght their child will be large and so there's a focus on their weight which is not a healthy focus. >> it's confusing because so much attention is put on stopping childhood obesity. the first lady has really made that her cause close to her heart. so, it's kind of a gray area because i think a lot of the images that children see on tv may pro-- maybe promote something too thin. >> our society has the idealation of the thin body type. the war on obesity really reinforces that idealation of a thin body type and takes away focus from a focus on being healthy and living healthy to focusing on what that number is on the scale and how can you be thin. >> the story we saw i. thought
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it was interesting when they interviewed a panel of young girls and one girl said her mom goes to the gym because she thinks she is overweight and another girl said her teacher won't eat cake because she is dieting. is it a bad idea for adults and parents to be be talking about their own body issues in front of their children? >> well parents and teachers are role models for children, and srnl they appreciate their bod -- and certainly they learn how to appreciate their bodies from the role models this their life. if you go to the gym focusing on that you like to go to the gym because it makes you healthy and it's good for your body and you like the way you feel after you exercised as opposed to i am going to the jim because i feel fat and i need to lose weight. so, the motivation for going to the gym if you focus in on that you want to do it because you want to be healthy, not that you feel fat, really can help. >> what about it's at the end of the storeity reporter asked the mother are you worried it could turn into eating disorder
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and that's your area of specialty. is that how it happens? is that a possibility? >> well, let me start by saying that eating disorders are biological in nature and that they are genetically inherited. so parents don't cause eating disorders. but the reality is that the body image and the appreciation for one's body is developed in one's environment. so parents can promote positive feelings about your body and help lay down protective groundwork so eating disorders don't develop. >> do you think 6 years old as that girl is is too young to be worried about her weight? >> i think any age is too youngto be worried about your weight because i think really, it's more about being healthy and people should be more worried or focused on how can i be healthy not how do i lose weight. diets don't work. they cause weight gain and it's better if people just focus on healthy living. >> before we go do you have other advice for parents because it's so tough in.
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>> i think just helping kids identify what's positive for their body and what their body can do for them and how to appreciate their body and they are more than what that number on the scale is appreciating their values and appreciating their positive qualities. and learning to trust their bodies as opposed to trying to control their bodies. >> all right. great advice thanks so much dr. crawford for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> good to see you. dr. crawford is with shepard prat. thanks for coming in. >> charley. >> thanks. news time 9:17. abc2 is working for you. you see them all your neighborhood this time year. kiddy pools. new studies show that small above ground swimming pools have taken a deadly toll on children's lives. the survey done by nationwide children's hospital in columbus ohio shows that drowning is one of the major causes for child death from birth to 12 years old in the kiddy pools. and the reason the children are
9:18 am
drowning is a lot of parents are not ready to be pool owners. rosie leftwich explains. >> reporter: it's not that hot so there's no swimming in grandma linda's pool. remember it is grandma linda's pool in her backyard. and on days when you get in grandma linda's pool in grandma linda's backyard you follow her rules or get clobbered. >> they don't run or jump into the pool and step in a bucket and step over the side. no wrestling or pulling feet out from anyone. there's always someone out here with them if it's not me, it's their aunt or mother. and there's always somebody here. to watch them. >> reporter: grandma linda runs a tight ship make for a safe summer but a study at nationwide children's hospital says small pools are big killers of small children. from 2001 to 2009 children
9:19 am
toyed in portable backyard pools some with less than 18 inches deep. in most cases they were there- attended. >> i don't think they look at wading pools and shallow pools as a toy rather than as a situation that is ripe for disaster. >> reporter: professor bake rear vealed the ohio study and says -- reviewed the ohio study and says many people with pools don't prepare for the worst. >> more than 80% of the cases nobody tried cpr. no one was doing cpr when the rescue squad arrived and by the time the rescue squad gets there, it can often be too late. i think anyone who has a home swimming pool ought to feel obligated to know how to do cpr. >> reporter: baker says adult supervision is paramount and securing the pool with a fence and cover is a key to keeping children safe. and being a little like grandma
9:20 am
linda doesn't hurt. >> we make sure they are never unsupervised in the pool. it's too many accidents that can happen and i don't -- i don't want to see anything happen to them. >> that was rosie leftwich reporting many we have more on how to keep your kids safe around pools and other bodies of water. go to abc2 news . com on the right side of the home page and we have a spotlight section that is where you can find safety tips recommended by the centers for disease control. news time is 9:20. it's the first day of summer and many of you have dusted off the grills. coming up in a bit, the latest in grilling gadgets that will make you the star of your next cookout and make the food something all of your friends will remember. that's next when "good morning maryland at nine returns.
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thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. grilling is a summertime tradition. but having a few cool gadgets for the job somehow seems to make it more fun. >> yes becky has done the research and found some of the best summer new grill gadgets that are going to make you the star of the barbeque. >> reporter: who doesn't love to fire up the old barbeque and
9:24 am
grill? but first do you have enough propane to get the burgers cooked? >> the grill gauge cost about 10 dollars. but it works like a charm. hook, lift, look. >> reporter: now for the food. do you like shies kabob but hate the mess and how the pieces fall off the end? well try the fire wire coil. you string string the meat and veggies along the wire and coil it up to preserve space on the barbeque, and you serve. easy. now cooking steak to order is a tough job. but the steak button takes some of the guesswork out of it. no temperatures to remember but it tells you rare, medium or well-done. perfection. another grilling issue lights or lack there off. the magnetic light claims to stick on tools and light your grill. the problem i found was that the magnet was not strong
9:25 am
enough to actually stay put. it ended up falling into my food. this light is one grill gadget you can skip. one more product i do love is more for the table than the actual grill. but this is a cooling salad bowl. place the base in the freezer. make the salad and then to keep it cool, put the frozen base on. also great for take with you since it has its own lid and serving spoons. becky worlly, abc news, oakland california. >> i will be honest i don't spend a lot of time around the grill but the gadgets i think do you need them? >> you don't spend time around the grill? >> no i will eat anything on the grill. >> it's like church. it's like church to go raw meat open flame the thermometer. you have to have the thermometer and make sure the temperatures is good but the light. >> no high tech stuff. >> no way. >> i was speak of grilling and we heard it time and time again. it cab good way to cut -- it
9:26 am
can be a good way to cut down on fried food. it's good for the waistline and you think healthy right? >> times but not always it can cause a problem for you health wise sometimes. we will explain coming up in bit. first day of summer hours away. what will we expect on this day? high temperatures about 84. we hit 70s yesterday. and we will try to give above the mark with a little sun screaming out this afternoon. nowhere near the record of 100. it might feel like it with the heat and humidity building in. officials start time for summer 1:16 and we will have the forecast for the rest of the week including that u2 concert tomorrow night. could get stormy. stick around more coming up in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland "at nine. 9 clp 21. this morning the food and drug administration unfailed the final nine health warnings about the use of tobacco product. graphic images below here are going to appear on every pack
9:30 am
of cigarettes sold and they will be in advertisements in the u.s. the fda is doing this in an effort to try preventing children from lighting up and getting others to quit as well. you will see the changes beginning next september. it's 9:29 and today is the first day of summer. justin what time does summer officially start. >> 1:16. >> there you go. a few hours away but we will fire up the grill for great barbeque to celebrate. we hear about how grilling food is better for your waistline but what you are cooking and how you are cooking it can make a huge difference. this morning we want to welcome in danielle from the cancertreatment center of america. thanks for this. and thanks for the information because a lot of people will go to the grill and go right to work. guys especially won't they? >> that's correct. thanks for having me this morning. >> sure. now tips with this, because we want to make sure to do it well because grilling is a great thing especially during the summer. so really getting a start off what are things we need to keep in mind? >> the biggest thing is when you grill, you are thinking about processed foods that are
9:31 am
something that we don't consider when grilling but it's something that is common. offer here hot dogs and sausages. hot dogs and sausages are two of the most common processed food. >> and people don't see it as processed foods but it's components of other meat. >> correct. part of the processed food process is when you are smoking or curing meats or adding saltpreservatives when you add preservatives it can cause chemical compounds leading to a increased risk for cancer patients. >> okay. with this we are keeping in mind we are not saying dough eat the hot dog just don't eat the package. >> well, actually we do -- the recommendation for processed foods in general are actually trying to minimize them completely. use pairing -- sparingly as possible there's no recommended amount when i work with cancer patients i typically work them into avoid processed meats. >> so avoid processed altogether but you touched on the next tip you can have some
9:32 am
red meat but don't go crazy. >> with the red meats as we have, steak, or hamburgers they are two of the most common. with the red meats we want to work on portion control. 18 ounces a week is recommended. but the best thing is to try to avoid too large of a portion in one day. so trying to avoid red meats more than 3 or 4 ounces at a time. >> what's the alternative. >> mostly you can do chicken, another one is actually over here salmon is a healthier choice to grill it well as long as you don't overcook it same with chicken all the things even the meats so anything that is chicken seafood your red meats or processed meats because we overgrill them or cook them too much is when we get into trouble as well. we want to be careful. >> going into that because we can go crazy on the grill maybe things are too warm and we get distracted but you say don't char your food. >> that's correct. what we are finding is research is showing there's a chemical compound produced with the
9:33 am
charring of food or overcook at high temperatures. that's called hda a compound formed through the muscle and when it is overcooked at high temperatures. >> one of the things you didn't mention i want to ask about because a lot of people may go with the alternative for the red meat with turkey sauceage or turkey burgers is thatting something you can have as an alternative? >> it is. watch what kind of to turkey you are look for when you get a turk -- looking for a turkey burger. the lean earth better but you want turkey breast something that is whiter leaner meat because if you can get turkey burgers that are more of the dark meat and you want to look for the turkey breast ground meat so it's whiter. >> turkey breast ground meet meat. >> yes. >> thanks for your time. during the grilling season, we will have this on the website coming up in about an hour. megan. >> thanks so much. now we want to go back to
9:34 am
your two cents on today's hot topic. read this story on the wmar facebook fan page about body issues in children. in particular they highlight a 6-year-old girl who was worried at a very young age about her weight. so we asked you, is this an issue children should be worried about at such a young age and a lot of you are weighing in carol says i think young girls should think about what's more important and what's inside. so if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic all you have to do is tell us. head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will keep the comments coming throughout the morning's show. stay with us this morning. you will be in baltimore this week or the weekend and want to know what's going on? we will try to map out the plans. the featured events are coming up after the break. we will be right back.
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if you are celebrating a birthday today, the 21st of june and happy birthday like lewis henry here. he is celebrating his 38th birthday today. he is apparently we are told his aunt angela says he is the best father in the world. >> father of three happy birthday to you lewis. also this morning, if you would like to have a birthday or anniversary or a picture of the day, megan we like the pet picks. >> i will send one in. >> i am sure you would. >> but images of one roxy. send them in to morning show at
9:38 am and include the pertinent facts especially your pets' name. >> roxie she is so roxy she is so gorgeous. >> this is the time of the show when you e-mail us and say i have a great event in the community. please mention it. so how does this sound this is for those of you who have toddlers and up to 3 1/2. it's called movers and groovers where you jump and shake and toddle around the world at rhythm rhymes and games for toddlers they have a caregiver. so you know you have to register but it's happening tomorrow at the chesapeake city branch library and toddlers up to 3 1/2 years old. there's a number to call starting at 10:30. and it goes until 11:15. aid good way especially if it's hot outside tomorrow. to get your toddlers to get exercise and social interaction without heading outside in the heat. >> after that with the kid bring the bake baby-sitter in and -- bring the baby-sitterrer
9:39 am
in and check out a grand opening thursday night from 6 to 9. they are at alens yeah in harbor east. check that out and you will recall the owner of chaz was in studio with us about a week and a half ago great event and getting everything ready and from what we heard of early reviews from the opening, doing very well and maybe the best pizza in baltimore. >> well, i will tell you there's not a lot of place was new york style pizza and that's what he was going for with bronx pizza so if you want to try it out again the grand opening is thursday and if you have a desire to get a cold beer and pizza they are there. if you have something happening in the community, and you would like us to mention it, we would love to hear from you. all you have to do is e-mail us e-mail us personally my e-mail address is there as well as charley's and drop us a line because we want to hear from you. there was study that came out. we will talk about this in a bit. the most irritating sound in
9:40 am
the world. what would it be? >> snoring? >> possibly. we will look at that coming up in a bit. but the next time you clean house, don't be so quick to toss the stuff you don't need. >> it could be worth some money. it's hard to believe but we will tell you how some people are turning clutter into cash. >> and at school your kids read literature. count numbers and have they learned to count money? never too early to teach them. watching the numbers temperatures at 70 and you will notice the 80s back to the deep south a signed of true heat trying to build in here and it will with the threat of maybe some severe weather this week in our backyard. we will talk about that with the complete forecast and it's 9:40 right now on tuesday morning. we will be right back after this.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning at 9. >> 15 minutes until 10n victory for wal mart the supreme court blocked the largest sexual discrimination lawsuit in history by siding with the largest retailer. decision is a setback for one 1/2 million women workers.
9:44 am
they said there with a too many women and jobs to include all in one suit. there are hundreds or thousands of dollars of unclaimed money in your home. this morning larra spencer went junk drawer to junk drawer and stopped by the pringle-karlin household to see what families had to cash in on. >> reporter: in every town on every street, inside every home, they are there lyricking. -- lurking. junk drawers filled with things we don't want to throw away but don't exactly know what to do with. collections of unusual and often unusable things it's estimated that junk drawers in american homes are filled with a half billion unused gadgets. cell phones chargers and old computers. and an estimated 15 billion old cds. the good news, much of that junk can be turned into gold hard -- cold hard cash. how much money is sitting right there in that drawer you think
9:45 am
is filled with junk? we wanted to find out. so we picked four random house in claster, new jersey. first stop, mita. hi. >> hi. i heard you got good junk. >> reporter: they have managed to accrue the array in their drawers in drawer number one a button collection. wild woman. we know who should wear that. >> you are under arrest for having too much junk,. >> reporter: shall we? >> moo. >> reporter: in drawing number two a collection of singing ashtrays you heard me right,. >> this is interesting junk. >> reporter: and in every junk drawer and there were several, miscellaneous musical stuff. after a half-hour of perusing i was ready to take matters into my hands literally. i am armed and dangerous. we will go csi style with the drunk drawer evidence collected to determine whether it's trash
9:46 am
or treasure time to head to the next house. >> hello,. >> reporter: nance jit mother of two young sons and when she showed me her basement, i felt i stepped into a junk lover's paradise. jackpot streetcar named desire alec baldwin. this might be worth something. >> reporter: thee bins are -- these bins are where electronics go to die. more chargers. after loading up the evidence bags once again time to pay a visit to janet and her little ones. she had the collection of ducks. >> a lottery it can i didn't check. >> reporter: in her kitchen closet not one but two drawers filled with instruction manuals. >> manuals to thanks we don't have anymore. >> reporter: and downstairs two more filled with 4 4u7b hundred -- 400cdas this haven't been played in more than four years. >> they collect dust. >> reporter: fontly off to
9:47 am
kristin's house. >> hi. >> reporter: the mom of three says her junk drawer has become a grave yard for gadgets. >> cell phones. >> reporter: but wait let's not forget the junction bins in her family room. >> oh. >> reporter: hello, profit. yes. >> my friends. >> reporter: and how about those vhs tapes? everybody needs those right? do you have a vhs player? >> i think it is there but broken. >> reporter: time to don the gloves. bye. good-bye junk and hello, money. in four house we accumulated quite the collection. but was it trash or treasure? we called in paul salvage dealer and self-described pawn star. he appraised the items and told us what could be sold on ebay craigslist or electronics and salvage dealers. every day things in the lady's drawers were worth more than we thought. the cell phones, paul said the ones we collected with worth from 5 to $20 each.
9:48 am
the chargers worth on average 2 to 5 dollars a piece. how about the old cds? they are worth 50 cents to a dollar each paul was ready to offer her $200 for her collection. and what about those instruction manuals? who knew the dust collectors could fetch up to a few dollars each. there's section devoted to manuals on ebay. so, paul's final assessment? >> there he's value in the junk drawer. -- there's value in the junk drawer. >> don't mistake vintage for what is just junk. no the difference. sometimes an old tv is what? -- t-shirt is what? >> an oand old t-shirt thatneeds to go away. >> back to the hot topic today. asking you is it an issue like childhood obesity something
9:49 am
that cresty says kids shouldn't worry about their wades weight. it's their parents job to make surer that healthy weight and if yoi want to weigh in on this topic leave your thoughts on our official fan page and we want know what you think. many children learn lessons from their parents and when chris was a child he and his mother were homeless and he learned about money management and passed it onto his children we have the storey. take a look. >> don't let somebody tell you you can't do something. >> reporter: you will recognize him as played by will smith in the movie the persuit of happiness. >> you've dream and protect it. >> reporter: it was based on his best selling book of the same name but after the ending
9:50 am
chris gardener didn't rest on his laurels. every day he is hoping to pass on what he learned. >> you know i learned so much about money from my mom who often said son, i've done so much with so little for so long, that i could do anything with nothing and it was not just something catchy thee shea said i. got to see her do it -- she said, i got to see her do it. >> reporter: and managing expectations. >> i think one of the most important things that i taught both of my children about money is that more money more problems. just because you do acquire money doesn't mean that you are not going to have problems elsewhere in your life. >> reporter: according to a survey by the national foundation for credit counseling, 4 #% of people polled -- 42% of people polled says they learned the most about personal finance from their parents. >> i think right now, again, after the dinner table
9:51 am
conversation of how was school today, a very good place to start is let's talk about money. let's talk about what we are going to do to save money. let's talk about the stock market. how is that affecting our retirement plan. >> reporter: chris dean romans, cnn new-- christine romans, cnn new york. >> good lessons. >> wonderful lessons. severe weather has been going on across the midwest. snow in colorado. and hurricane near mexico. things are not as bad here but justin will have one more check of the tuesday forecast in a bit. and coming up the nfl season is not a sure thing but vegas odds makers are weighing nonet ravens chance for this year -- weighing in on the ravens' chance for this year.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
now omaryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. one more time i wanted to show you the temperatures while we are barely at 70 and we have a fresh round of rain come through. 80s to the south and a sign of more heat and humidity building in from that direction. now we have the conveyor belt and the moisture is falling apart and breaks in the clouds to the west that will try to move in. we will watch showers and
9:55 am
storms highlighting basically north and west today. there will be isolated storms popping up. we can't ignore that. especially a little impulse of energy coming at us after dark. we could have development in annapolis and southern maryland this evening and overnight. and then we will watch the next wave. complex of energy trying to dive our way late tomorrow afternoon through the evening. that's when all the people will be out watching the u2 concert and it will be important because they waited a long time and paid a lot of money and, of course, you have other things going on outside as well. we are looking for a chance of maybe severe weather tomorrow afternoon. and we could do it again on thursday afternoon as we get into the real heat. but briefly, not a full on heat wave. 88 today pulling the temps back and morning rain and an isolated storm this evening. settle back muggy to 70 and outlook barely touching 09 but i think low 9 50รก9s best on thursday and we will knock it after a few days of storms into the 80s and calm it down by the end of the weekend. >> justin does know his numbers and so do the guys in vegas. still not sure about the nfl
9:56 am
season but odds makers are saying the ravens going to go 14-# a lot of people are shrugging their shoulders saying i think they play but who will they lose to. >> they are putting the odds out. and it looks good for the ravens. they think joe flacco and company could go 14-2. and the only time vegas thinks they will be beat when they play pittsburgh and san diego. >> all right. there you go. and we know the vegas guys they do know a thing or two aboutnumbers especially sports teams. so, what is the most annoying sound in the world. >> i think you are best to weigh in because you have the most experience. they did a study not snails on a chalk board but a study finds whining, whining. >> kids perfect they don't whine. >> i never heard you complain. >> they are good. >> but whining not only the most irritating sound in the world but the most distracting. >> here's what happened. researchers scad group of people to do simple math while
9:57 am
listening to an infant crying regular speech and silence and whining. >> one minute left. >> and a high pitched table saw. >> it's irritating. >> no jackhammers. people made more mistake completing the problems when listening to the whines than any other of the speech patterns and noises. >> anyway they keep that in mind this morning when your child says turn off "good morning maryland" at nine. >> i imagine someone snoring next door. >> tough, tough. >> that's annoying. >> a whistle that comes out of their nose. >> yes. >> jackhammer is never good. >> your wife is like yes, justin that is very annoying. >> uh-huh. >> how do you get your kids not to whine? >> genetics. >> so. when are you do you? -- due in. >> no we have a no whining deal with the kids. >> you did say that the doctor has been monitoring them and one is active and the other is quiet. >> exactly. >> observing. >> observing. >> yes. >> we will leave it at that. >> see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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